5 Untold Tips to Prepare Your Ecom Brand For This New Year

After Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas & the entire holiday season, it’s time to end off the Q4 on a high with a massive New Year’s Day. And suppose you haven’t crushed it in the holiday season with sales overflowing till you went out of stock & had supply issues.

In that case, this is your last chance to pull off an ecom heist & get a good bang for your buck, because this will be the last time people will be spending like crazy, on impulse without giving it s second thought. 

So after successfully pulling off multiple successes during this holiday season & the ones before that with multiple of our ecom clients, who were having a gala time in the holidays with their families while their businesses raked in their peak performance during Q4, with our proven strategies dialed in.

This blog is going to dive into the – “5 Best Practises You Should Be Focusing On To Make The Most Money This New Year”

Website Decor:

91% of E-commerce sites out there don’t put any extra effort into their website. They just add the same, old ‘Black Friday Sale’ or “New Year’s Sale” on their ad copy & that’s it.

Your website should scream festivity during the holiday season. This will help not only the new users but also your past purchasers get that dopamine spike & have that urge to take advantage of the big sale. So get your banners up & decorate with quirky confetti, & create happy vibes like the Christmas movies have always had.

Quadruple Down on Email Marketing:

Again people are in a spending mood like never before. Don’t just run your cold campaigns, but also run winback campaigns & sequences through email marketing & give irresistible deals like never before to your existing customers. Keep your promos at an all-time high with outrageous deals & discounts of your life, coz why not? It’s Q4 & it’s going away. So for one last time, they need to be, the one, to take you home.

Retargeting Campaigns Are Your JAM

Not just email, make sure your paid ads campaigns speak the same & are aligned with your objective. Max out on custom audiences & create every variation of warm & hot audiences you can targeting every time span. Q4 is ending & this is your time to squeeze as much revenue possible shamelessly, without your customers minding.Catalog ads, carousels, UGC focused & every other thing at your disposal, use them all on your warm audiences & watch the juicy ROAS roll in.

Don’t Forget LLAs

The number one misconception around Lookalike Audiences are that only 1% audiences on your Botton of the Funnel (BOFU) actions will work & bring in revenue.

While that isn’t wrong & is reasonable during normal times, but not in Q4.This is the time they’re all in the spending mood. Don’t limit your LLA audiences on 1%. Go all in on 2%, 3%, 4% & even 5%. They will work.

I’ve personally experienced even 10% of audiences working & getting sales during Q4.So this is your best shot at the MOFU audiences you never knew. Go all in.

Quantity Breaks

Couldn’t end it without my favorite AOV Boosting strategy – Quantity Breaks.

They are a steal. They are the best thing to ever exist in the history of CRO. In my experience, they work more than upsells & cross-sells at a higher conversion rate. While you might think your profit margin is going down, that’s not the case.Coz you’re spending the same amount of money in acquiring that one customer. So anything else he buys on top of that one-quantity order is the ‘Cherry-on-Top”.

More so, coz they feel like it’s a steal & they’re looting us, making it a WIN-WIN.

And again. They’re in a spending mood. During Q4  & New Year’s time, they will take up your offer more than you would expect, buying quantities you could never fathom.

So missing out on this could be your biggest regret.

With that being said, you have just read through a gold mine online gurus won’t tell you about. Now enough of consuming content & it’s time to take action.Go dial in all these strategies I just splurged (tho I don’t know why I’m giving out my secrets like this lol). And see the money roll in & your phone going berzerk over that spamming sound og ‘Cha-ching’.

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